Bitcoin loophole Support for the Monero GUI Wallet

Bitcoin loophole Support for the Monero GUI Wallet

At the beginning of calendar week 27 the Monero GUI version 12.2 was officially released. This means that now also users of the Graphic User Interface Wallet can save their XMR on the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue. Peace, joy, pancakes – right? Not quite.

“When GUI? was a comment under the Reddit thread that announced and explained the binary codes for Monero Wallet version 12.2. Based on the now legendary “when Lambo?” and “when Moon?” memes, which have flooded many a Telegram group, this comment made an important point: Although it was possible with 12.2. to use his Ledger Hardware Wallet with Monero, it only worked with the CLI. The Command Line Interface quickly deterred all users who simply imagined using crypto currencies. For many people, using a program via text input is unusual and prone to errors. “So “When GUI?” is the question of a simple and user-friendly software with which you can operate your ledger.

Finally simple hardware usage for Monero and Bitcoin loophole?

On July 3rd the time had finally come. Almost one month after the release of Bitcoin loophole. the GUI v12.2. is now available. Thus the official graphical wallet of Bitcoin loophole supports the hardware wallet of Ledger. However, the first installation is still not as easy as you would like it to be. Plug & Play is a no-no here. Instead, the user must first follow a 15-step guide until he can store his Monero on the ledger.

Of course, it is not impossible to work through these detailed steps, but it is still necessary to execute some commands via command line. In addition, when installing the Monero application for the Ledger, you must click the mouse to display the “Developer Applications” in the lower right corner of the Ledger Manager. You should allow about half an hour to an hour – depending on your personal technical experience – before you can save XMR to the ledger. So this installation is probably not yet suitable for beginners.

However, once the wallet is set up with the ledger, you can access the private keys with the GUI. The ledger must be connected to the computer and the Monero application must be running. Then open the Monero GUI version 12.2 and select the appropriate wallet file. If you have followed the instructions of dEBRUYNE on Reddit or Stack Exchange, you will find the new Ledger Wallet file in the same folder as the GUI 12.2.

An installation without Command Line Interface has already been promised to the users. In the next release of the GUI the time will come. Those who have been following the Monero project for some time know that this may take some time. Nevertheless, the release of GUI 12.2 is a sign that things are moving forward – slowly but surely.

An unpleasant aftertaste

Users must also bite one of two sour apples: Either you export your Private View Key to the computer when creating the Ledger Wallet, or you let the Ledger do the scanning of the blockchain. The first variant has the consequence that the privacy could possibly be compromised. If you have the Private View Key, you can scan the Monero Blockchain for all received transactions. This means that in the worst case you lose the privacy that you have gained from the stealth addresses. The second variant has the disadvantage that the ledger is very slow in scanning the blockchain and may run hot. In other words, if you do not export your Private View Key, you will have to wait longer before you can use the Ledger Wallet. There is no risk of a Monero being stolen.

The quantum computers are coming! Is that Bitcoins end?

Journalists regularly report on the danger quantum computers are supposed to pose to Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies. But how dramatic is this threat really?

This article discusses the topic of quantum computers using Bitcoin formula as an example

A look into the virtual forest shows that quantum computers are represented as a threat to Bitcoin formula and other crypto currencies like this: Whenever updates to the current development status are displayed, the respective authors point out what this development would mean for encryptions.

The image is dystopic: All encryptions can fall victim to the quantum computer, our accounts and thus our privacy are at the mercy of the theft by anonymous hackers or the NSA. In view of the threat to RSA encryption, this may even be true.

Recently, this fear has been associated with the trend towards crypto currencies: Bitcoin would be finished with quantum computers, the wallets could be emptied and the whole system would go down – some circles represent Cryptogeddon in some way or other.

The concern is not entirely unfounded and has led to various projects already using encryption algorithms that are quantum resistant. So they promise that wallets are unhackable even for quantum computers.

In this respect, it is understandable that many Bitcoin investors wonder why Bitcoin does not become active. In order to answer this question, this article will assess the risk that quantum computers pose to Bitcoin.

What can a quantum computer do?

In order to assess the danger of quantum computers correctly, it is important to understand the possibilities and limitations of quantum computers. First of all, the article would like to outline what a quantum computer is.

Classical computers are digital computers that process information about zeros and ones. A bit can be either 0 or 1. More complex information is realized by more bits, processing them by logical circuits. For example, an AND circuit results in a 1 only if a 1 is sent via both inputs. For an AND connection there are four possible combinations, which in the worst case all have to be calculated in order to get to 1:

0 AND 0 results in 0
1 AND 0 results in 0
0 AND 1 results in 0
1 AND 1 results in 1

A quantum computer stores information in so-called qubits. These make use of phenomena of quantum mechanics. Some readers will know the thought experiment “Schrödinger’s cat”: A psychopath locks a cat in a box into which he has placed a capsule of prussic acid that opens by chance. If it opens, the cat dies. As long as the box is not opened, the cat can be described as dead and alive at the same time. Transferred to qubits, this means that they cannot be described as 0 or 1, but as 0 and 1 at the same time. One can imagine accordingly that in a similar process as the above AND-linking not several processes must be calculated through, but all are calculated at the same time.

What kind of attacks are possible with quantum computers?
As far as the above is concerned, it is understandable that quantum computers can therefore dramatically reduce the runtime of algorithms. And this is not purely speculative: even without quantum computers, scientists have already developed algorithms that have a certain relevance for the security of Bitcoin. The Shor algorithm aims to factorize large numbers, which is relevant for many cryptographic processes. For example, RSA is based on the fact that factorization methods have an extremely long runtime – and are therefore indirectly endangered by quantum computers.

In addition to the Shor algorithm, the Grover algorithm is also known: This is about searching within an unsorted database or inverting a function. The Grover algorithm thus allows to calculate the x for a given y for a function f(x) = y. Since f(x) can be an encryption or hashing function, this algorithm is also a danger for different cryptographic functions.

What is the current state of quantum computers?
According to her, various companies and institutions have already developed quantum computers. The company D-Wave Systems is said to have developed four computers in the meantime. D-Wave 2000Q should work with a total of 2048 Qubits. However, one can hear various critical voices that question the properties advertised by D-Wave Systems. According to Edward Snowden, NSA will also work on a quantum computer focused on cryptography. As na

Blockchain Beach? Aruba tests Bitcoin secret to support tourism

Aruba is looking for a blockchain solution to reduce the power of travel monopolies and maintain revenues from tourism.

These are larger sums for the Caribbean island of Aruba, which is heavily dependent on tourism. With just over 100,000 inhabitants, it has 1.2 million visitors every year. However, as the travel industry is dominated by Expedia, Priceline, a few online travel agencies and airlines that all control prices, a significant portion of tourism revenue goes abroad.

Bitcoin secret was of particular interest in research

Now the ATECH Foundation, which is responsible for the technical development of the island, wants to change this by working with the Swiss start-up Winding Tree on a Bitcoin secret marketplace for travel bookings. ATECH wants to use Winding Tree’s platform, which builds on Bitcoin secret like onlinebetrug said, to connect tourists directly to travel providers and thus eliminate all intermediaries. The elimination of intermediaries in tourism could be particularly beneficial for smaller nations, says Varelie Croes, co-founder of the ATECH Foundation.

“A platform like this can help countries like Aruba to recover a portion of their profits, tax them and keep their income domestically, she said and added:

“The impact is very important for the economy. If the blockchain system works, it would have a significant impact on Aruba’s bottom line.”

The island has for some time been investing heavily in new technologies to better prepare for the future. For example, the Smart Island strategy for the tourism industry has carried out biometric checks at airports and accepted renewable energies.

Small test area

Most notably, the island is researching its own digital Fiat with the crypto currency start-up Bitt and Aruba’s central bank believes that this could boost the island’s GDP. While the blockchain potential for travel and tourism companies has been much praised (Winding Tree has previously signed a contract with the major airline Lufthansa), the Aruba project is well on its way to becoming the first fully implemented blockchain travel marketplace. Winding Tree will begin beta testing with the Early Adopters early next year, with the intention of commercializing with hotels by the end of 2018 and later with airlines.

However, the benefits are not limited to Aruba: The small size of the island makes it an ideal area for research. Winding Tree can use “Aruba as a playground for the nationwide introduction of this new technology,” said Croes. The start-up already has the Australian hotel management software company RoomRanger as a partner and plans to partner with a large European hotel group in the coming weeks.

Croes summarizes:

“This also applies beyond the borders of Aruba and can have a significant impact on small economies”.

What’s going on in Bitcoin news – unicorn search in June

What happened with the new Altcoin in June? This article highlights some interesting ideas from the cryptoscene

“Oh, if only I had invested in the ICO (initial coin offering) or in the early phase of the currency!” – Hand up, who hasn’t heard himself sigh like that? At least that’s how I felt at Bitcoin. At Ethereum I pumped a little money into it at times when an ETH was still at one euro, but that wasn’t much – it didn’t make me a millionaire at all.

In that respect, there are many who hope to find the unicorn and invest money in a very young currency, in order to make a huge fortune later. In addition one should know naturally the newest crypto currencies.

The problem is that you’re often looking for a needle in a haystack here, an unbelievable number of uninspired ideas, all of which of course want to be the new Bitcoin, stand next to good ideas that quickly disappear into oblivion again or are openly broken off – and somewhere in between there are interesting ideas.

Bitcoin news: a coin for applications

That’s why I’ve set myself the goal to look through the virtual forest of Bitcoin news papers every now and then regarding Bitcoin news announcements and pre-announcements and to present some old coins I like here. This list is not complete and completely subjective.

If you think of other currencies you should look out for now, you are welcome to write about them in the com-box. Affiliate links and “buy new bitcoin!!! Shitcoin is the future of curencies!1”-style posts may not be published, but it would make more sense if you really show the unique selling points of the currency or something similar.

So, enough introductory words, here it starts: Currencies like Ethereum or Lisk and projects like Rootstock show that a big trend in the cryptoscene is the development of intelligent blockchains. Application Coin (APPC for short) wants to use the blockchain as a basis for applications.

CDF – an Altcoin Fund

It is interesting to see that the ladies and gentlemen behind APPC are planning a lot. According to a roadmap one would like to install a Build-In Exchange, an own chat system, an integrated tip bot, a possibility to send encrypted mails in the client, a video player and a Bittorrent search and download system.

One notices that the journey is very much towards a total solution that has more than money in mind. For this reason, a further one exists parallel to this project with the abbreviation ASPCSR, where ASPCSR stands for “Applied-oriented Social Platform based on the Culture of Sharing and Reward”. So in the end you want to create a basis for a unified sharing network – DAO ick listen to traps. Now you could say “jibts already”, but for known reasons it’s not bad if other people pursue similar projects as well. Anyway, I will follow APPC a bit further.

CDF stands for crypto diversification fund and wants to be exactly that: a crypto fund. Someone who claims to be a professional trader in real life wants to raise a different ICO: You buy shares that are distributed among the largest fifteen crypto currencies (except Bitcoin). This fund is reorganised every month according to the new market capitalisations.

To be fair, I have to say that I prefer to do this myself, but I can imagine that other people would prefer to pass on this money management: It can be quite exhausting. You don’t have to constantly monitor the market and adjust a portfolio accordingly.

Addiction: Scottish clinic looks after cryptojunkies

In Scotland, a rehab clinic has expanded its clientele: In addition to the usual suspects who want to get their drug or gambling consumption under control again, crypto addicts now also find a contact point there for the treatment of their addiction.

The trade with cryptosoft currencies can be addictive

This is at least the opinion of doctors at Castle Craig Hospital in Peebleshire, Scotland. The addiction expert Tony Marini sees the hunt for digital money as a form of gambling addiction:

“Crypto addicts place bets on rising or falling prices like a player betting at a roulette table. Those who do this full-time (at the cryptosoft exchange or in the casino) are usually less at risk of search. But if you do this secretly at home, the temptations of high winnings can quickly outgrow you.”

Differently than with many alcohol or drug patients one cannot look at the crypto dependent its addiction at the nose point, so Marini further. He considers gambling addiction to be the most dangerous of all:

“I know three people who have killed themselves because of their gambling addiction. Studies have shown that the suicide rate among gambling addicts is higher than among all other addicts. They need a lot of money and take their families’ shirts off […]”.

Chris Burn describes the appeal that the crypto market has on addicts

Marini speaks from experience: “He himself was addicted to games and cocaine for years before he went into withdrawal and trained as a therapist.

“The high-risk business with crypto currencies is attractive for gambling addicts. It is exciting and makes it possible to escape from reality. For example, the Bitcoin has been traded a lot, making huge profits and losses. It’s a classic bubble.”

Lazarus Group – or covert operations under false flag?

Even if there is no discernible reason for a Russian company to make false suspicions in the direction of North Korea, such accusations should always be treated with caution. The secret services or leading corporations that act on their behalf often leave false traces. The aim is to distract from one’s own identity. Experts speak of “false flag operations”. This refers to covert operations by military or intelligence organizations under false flags. This approach has always been common practice in information technology.

U.S. agency plans to sell Bitcoin crypto trader review

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) announces the sale of almost 660 Bitcoin (BTC). In total, BTC with a total value of over 4.25 million US dollars will go under the hammer. The auction is scheduled to take place on November 5.

Bitcoin of the authority: According to the USMS, Bitcoin with a value of 4.25 million US dollars is up for sale. According to the announcement, interested parties will be able to register between 22 and 29 October and place their bid after paying a deposit. If a bid is accepted, the deposit will be deducted from the bid and retained. Those who are left empty will receive their deposit of US$200,000 fully refunded. The message reads as follows:

Silk road sale still unchallenged in the crypto trader review

“The winning bidder’s deposit will be retained by the USMS and credited to the purchase price. The deposit from a bidder explained in the crypto trader review whose bid was not selected as a winning bid will be returned to the original account from which the deposit was received.

The USMS plans to offer said Bitcoin in two tranches. The first round consists of six blocks of 100 BTC each and round two consists of one block of 60 BTC each. The offers are based on current market prices and interested parties must loosen at least 380,000 US dollars for the purchase. It can therefore be assumed that the auction is aimed specifically at institutional investors.

Bitcoin come mainly from drug-related crime

The 660 BTC offered are confiscated tokens from various criminal and civil cases in recent American legal history. The abbreviation DEA is frequently used in the processes listed by name. This stands for “Drug Enforcement Agency”, the US anti-drug agency. This leads to the conclusion that the majority of the confiscated BTCs originate from the Darknet trade with prohibited narcotics.

In addition, the USMS announcement states that part of the BTCs offered were owned by Thomas Mario Constanzo. In March, a US court sentenced the Bitcoin trader to 41 months’ imprisonment for money laundering activities. The district court also ordered the seizure of 81 BTC, which are now also under the hammer.

The auction follows a whole series of sales of confiscated Bitcoin by US authorities. We reported in detail on the auction of over 3,800 Bitcoin in January of this year.

The highlight of the long tradition of Bitcoin auctions, however, was the auction of the seized Silk Road Bitcoin. In three attempts in 2014 and 2016, the authorities offered a total of over 144,000 BTC from the property of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht for sale. One of the customers at the time, Tim Draper, has since become a dazzling figure in the Bitcoin cosmos. The billion-dollar venture capital investor made the USMS 40,000 BTC easier at the time and continues to cause a stir with bullish price forecasts. Whether Draper would like to participate also this time in the auction, is however not known.

The Hidden Gem of Press Release Distribution Service

The release ought to be distributed to markets where readers and potential clients will discover it. As soon as your press release was distributed, it’s a great idea to email the press release yourself to any media contacts which you have, and promote it upon your website and social networking channels. A press release is an excellent approach to have the news out about a new product or service business is offering. It is a perfect example. For maximum impact, it should have a specific focus, and only cover one story at a time. It is a fast and cost-effective ways to promote your business. In reality, distributing your press release is as comfortable as signing up for a free online service and filling in the required information in no more than five to ten minutes.

Press Release Distribution 26

The Do’s and Don’ts of Press Release Distribution Service

Important distributors own your masters and should they decide to tank your album there is not anything will have the ability to do about it. Being part of a big distributor clearly will come with its price. Being part of a key distributors means large quantities of funding if it is to make an album, cover tour expenses, in addition to the ability to cover the price of living.

Understanding Press Release Distribution Service

When you wish to publish news, check for the double space, set a backlink to your site. The story has a fantastic worth in the marketplace, and the whole of the market has a unique eye at the excellent story. So, in the event the report has some unique stuff then it can be assured they will find more audience around the world. If you’ve got exciting news about your organization or your product, follow all the recommendations outlined above, but also, take some time to compose a current sample press release format that you could distribute online.

Ruthless Press Release Distribution Service Strategies Exploited

Paid news release distribution sites can vary in price from only a few dollars per month for a membership to fees that are a lot greater. It is crucial to take into considerations how folks consume content. Unique folks consume content from other channels.

Choosing Good Press Release Distribution Service

No service is likely to offer you whatever you need to watch. The second explanation is that identity services generally need high throughput and very low latency. To be able to plant the seed and reach your intended audience there are lots of factors you will needs to take into consideration when deciding which news release service is necessary. There are lots of news distribution services are available on the internet. Employing a press release service could present your articles the edge they need to boost your internet presence, attract traffic to your website and engage your prospects. While there are a few free press release distribution solutions, you might have more success by using an expert distribution service. What you will need is a great press release distribution support.

Life, Death, and Press Release Distribution Service

Setting the right hotel distribution strategy can help make sure that hotels live until the increased expectations of performance. Online marketing plays an integral part in augmenting the company value. Digital marketing is a typical and fashionable term used today that comprises the usage of internet mediums, social media platform, search engine channels and cellular applications. It is a medium that is widely used today and is more than just promoting any product or services. Anybody can say they understand advertising, but that doesn’t indicate they should deal with your advertising budget.

Press Release Distribution11

Hospitality industry gets fiercely competitive in regards to public properties like resorts and penthouses. If your business has had bad or negative PR that could allow it to be harder for you to employ talented men and women too. The company implements fresh meats and vegetables as well as you might be sure they are focusing on delivering you a meal which is going to be healthy and preference fantastic for your household too. Just because it charges thousands of dollars doesn’t mean they are the best. Your organization is preparing to earn an important announcement using a press release. Only because an organization has wire” in its name doesn’t signify it’s newswire support. Always find a company with several extras to make sure that you get the proper value for the money.

The business is selling the device for an inexpensive price on Amazon with free delivery. It is composed of SEO Experts as well as college-educated PR writers. Excellent companies will supply you with a links where you are able to locate your release easily. Some of the most common independent music distribution businesses incorporate The Orchard, Caroline, in addition to ADA. It’s clear that the music business is going through a lot of changes. Since the audio industry is so competitive, it requires time and knowing the correct individuals.


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No Deposit Casino Bonus

A lot of players look for no-deposit casino bonuses. As the name implies, theirs is no deposit required to receive the bonus. These bonuses are often small, like $5 to $25, but give the player a chance to test out the playability of the software and the appeal of game variety before making a real money deposit.

The bonus itself cannot be cashed out, but the winnings derived from it can be. Check the terms for wagering requirements. You can expect higher requirements on a free no-deposit bonus, such as 30x to 50x the bonus amount. You will also be asked to make a minimum deposit to verify your identity and financial information before a withdrawal can be processed.

Any online casino that you play at allows you to play their casino games for free. You can also play a variety of casino games on our site including blackjack & slots.

Reload Casino Bonus

Most online casinos will continue to reward their existing members with reload bonuses. This is a casino deposit bonus that may be available daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The rules of reload bonuses are generally the same as the wagering requirements of the match casino deposit bonus for new players. However, the size of the bonus is probably going to be smaller.

Reload bonuses usually match only 25%-50%, paying up to $100-$200. The average online casino will only give massive reload bonuses – like 100% up to $250 or better – to VIP players. You’ll have to play consistently, racking up comp points to climb the VIP ladder and gain the bigger bonuses.

Best Casino Deposit Options

There are a plethora of online casino deposit options today, from credit and debit cards, to e-wallets, to direct cash and bank transfers. In this article, we will discuss the most common, secure casino deposit options, with brief descriptions of how they work, how fast they are, and how useful they may be at the best online casinos. Real Money Mobile Casinos and how they work.

Credit Cards

Visa is the most preferred online casino deposit option, used by more players around the world than any other method. MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and Discover are viable credit card deposit methods. Most every online casino accepts Visa and MasterCard. Diners is a bit less common. AmEx and Discover are even more rare.

Credit card casino deposits are so favorable for their quickness and convenience. Deposits are instant, and you don’t have to sign up an accounts with online payment processors. Beware of Casino Scams and Frauds.


E-Wallets are online payment processors, such as UseMyWallet, NETeller, Moneybookers, eWalletXpress, EcoCard, PayPal, Click2Pay and ClickandBuy, just to name a few. Most e-wallets work in one of two ways; the user can either pre-fund their wallet from their bank account, or link the account directly to their bank. Many players like e-wallets because they are fast, safe, secure and allow the user to share their financial detail with only one site – the e-wallet itself. They will not have to share info with every casino, or other online merchant, they purchase from. They are also generally instant casino deposit options. Best example is the Europa Casino.

Online payment processors are often open to specific regions of the world, at least when it comes to casino deposit options. For example, the top e-wallet for US casino players is eWalletXpress. PayPal does not allow its US customers to use the system for online gambling purposes, but does allow much of Europe to do so. NETeller and Moneybookers are also restricted to “outside the US only”. Make sure your e-wallet of choice allows you to deposit at online casinos from your country.

Cash Transfer

Cash transfers are facilitated by companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. US playersoften use cash transfers for casino deposits when there is no other method available to them. Though convenient and very quick, cash transfers can be costly. This method is recommended for larger purchases.

Bank Transfer/Wire

Transferring money to an online casino directly from a bank account is another popular way to move funds around. In some cases, especially local bank transfers, this is an instant casino deposit option. However, more often than not, it will take a few days for the funds to clear. Some players prefer this method to divulging credit card info.

Check/Money Order

Last but not least, we have check/money order deposits. A money order is great since it doesn’t have to clear your bank, but you will have to send it via conventional mail, so you’re still looking at a several-day waiting period. Checks will take longer with the mail process, plus the time taken to clear your bank. Some players like this casino deposit option because there is no information exchanging hands over the computer. It is 100% safe and secure.