What's going on in Bitcoin news - unicorn search in June

What’s going on in Bitcoin news – unicorn search in June

What happened with the new Altcoin in June? This article highlights some interesting ideas from the cryptoscene

“Oh, if only I had invested in the ICO (initial coin offering) or in the early phase of the currency!” – Hand up, who hasn’t heard himself sigh like that? At least that’s how I felt at Bitcoin. At Ethereum I pumped a little money into it at times when an ETH was still at one euro, but that wasn’t much – it didn’t make me a millionaire at all.

In that respect, there are many who hope to find the unicorn and invest money in a very young currency, in order to make a huge fortune later. In addition one should know naturally the newest crypto currencies.

The problem is that you’re often looking for a needle in a haystack here, an unbelievable number of uninspired ideas, all of which of course want to be the new Bitcoin, stand next to good ideas that quickly disappear into oblivion again or are openly broken off – and somewhere in between there are interesting ideas.

Bitcoin news: a coin for applications

That’s why I’ve set myself the goal to look through the virtual forest of Bitcoin news papers every now and then regarding Bitcoin news announcements and pre-announcements and to present some old coins I like here. This list is not complete and completely subjective.

If you think of other currencies you should look out for now, you are welcome to write about them in the com-box. Affiliate links and “buy new bitcoin!!! Shitcoin is the future of curencies!1”-style posts may not be published, but it would make more sense if you really show the unique selling points of the currency or something similar.

So, enough introductory words, here it starts: Currencies like Ethereum or Lisk and projects like Rootstock show that a big trend in the cryptoscene is the development of intelligent blockchains. Application Coin (APPC for short) wants to use the blockchain as a basis for applications.

CDF – an Altcoin Fund

It is interesting to see that the ladies and gentlemen behind APPC are planning a lot. According to a roadmap one would like to install a Build-In Exchange, an own chat system, an integrated tip bot, a possibility to send encrypted mails in the client, a video player and a Bittorrent search and download system.

One notices that the journey is very much towards a total solution that has more than money in mind. For this reason, a further one exists parallel to this project with the abbreviation ASPCSR, where ASPCSR stands for “Applied-oriented Social Platform based on the Culture of Sharing and Reward”. So in the end you want to create a basis for a unified sharing network – DAO ick listen to traps. Now you could say “jibts already”, but for known reasons it’s not bad if other people pursue similar projects as well. Anyway, I will follow APPC a bit further.

CDF stands for crypto diversification fund and wants to be exactly that: a crypto fund. Someone who claims to be a professional trader in real life wants to raise a different ICO: You buy shares that are distributed among the largest fifteen crypto currencies (except Bitcoin). This fund is reorganised every month according to the new market capitalisations.

To be fair, I have to say that I prefer to do this myself, but I can imagine that other people would prefer to pass on this money management: It can be quite exhausting. You don’t have to constantly monitor the market and adjust a portfolio accordingly.

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